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Charon Unguarded

 Charon Unguarded

Book 1 of The Ferryman Saga | Second Edition

‘My friend, if the story is written against you, what you need to do is—’
‘Change the story?’
‘I was thinking more like hunt down the author and gut him in front of his family, but your plan works too.’

Charon was once the Ferryman of the Underworld. Now he’s the doorman of a disused office block. If only the old Gods hadn’t lost that drunken bet all those centuries ago, things would be very different. For a start, Ragnarök probably wouldn’t be on its way. 

Ra is looking for a way of escaping the mortal realm, but there’s something about his plans he isn’t telling everyone. 

Maybe Charon is the only one who’s noticed. He certainly seems to be the only one who cares. But can he do anything about it? It looks like he’s going to try. But there are others who might profit from the situation, and the last thing he wants is the Fae Courts breathing down his neck. 

In Charon Unguarded, A. H. Johnstone tells an unlikely story that somehow seems all too likely and confirms what we have always known; that the Gods of our Ancestors were often all too human.

– Harry Dewulf, 2017 –

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A young woman in Iceland during the tenth century recounts her passage into slavery and her unlikely path back to freedom…

  •  7.5k short story
  • Historical fiction (Vikings)
  • Contains scenes of violence that some readers may find upsetting.
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The Bet

Prequel to Charon Unguarded | Charon Series

Here’s where the trouble all started. Charon finds himself caught up in the fallout from Dionysus and Hermes’ ill-fated late night swim and a drunken bet on a very important Roman emperor that puts everybody’s future in jeopardy, and Dionysus and Hermes make some very unwise promises.  

Will the fates forgive them for their duplicity? Will Hermes escape the amorous pursuit of the lovely, but very unlucky, Cassandra? Most importantly, will anybody stick to the rules of the bet?  

Find out in the full version which I intend to publish in August 2019. In the meantime, here’s a teaser…