Charon Unguarded has 17 days to go before final release!

The final text files have been uploaded to Draft to Digital and KDP.  All I am left waiting for now is my cover artist to work her magic on the paperback version of the cover, and away we go! Do you know what? As scary and as stressful as all this has all been, I am glad I have!
I can’t remember how many times I have told my editing clients to slow down and not to be in so much of a hurry to publish (three months from first-draft to publication is unrealistic unless you don’t plan on sleeping). Having faced calamities and hiccups, and personal losses that have delayed my progress by months – not to mention outsourcing problems – I can safely say that I will be holding off on making any firm and fast publishing deadlines in future until I am certain that I am happy with what I am putting out. It doesn’t matter how long you think you have, it will never be ‘enough time’!

Charon Unguarded is available for pre-order on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes and Overdrive