I am currently in the process of writing The Bet while I drink copious amount of tea, burn citronella incense, listen to my Adam and the Ants LP, and watching the snow fall – and am ever grateful that I am not out in it.

Snow covered garden.

The walk to school is going to be fun tomorrow…

Well, let’s get down to the progress report, shall we? After a week of fiddling about, I think I have finally ironed out the kinks with the page count and the table of contents. Note to self: upload as a PDF. That way you get the result you actually upload to the website. Thankfully I did not have the same trouble with the ebook. However, I am not entirely happy with the fact that D2D takes out what it considers to be unnecessary spaces. I may have to go back and upload a PDF there too.

The problem I was having was that despite having a beautifully formatted document, thanks to the lovely Stephen Hunt, the uploaded preview never looked the same as the document I uploaded. I tried using the CreateSpace and KDP 5×8 template and no matter what I did to correct it, the upload of the .doc format was messing about with my page order and layout. It has taken some jiggling but it looks like it’s finally done what I wanted it to do. It would have helped to have known this from the start, but we live and learn. However, I finally have a PDF where the contents page marries up with the actual page numbering, the fonts are as I like them and I have finally got the CreateSpace paperback to a standard that I am happy with and have done the same with the KDP paperback.

Next task: I have the fun of making the store part of the site secure and working out how to sell my book directly from this website – all good fun. I use Woo Commerce so if anyone has any pointers, I will be ever grateful. In the meantime, you can find me and follow me using the social links in the header of this site.