Another year, another set of writing and author goals. I also have reader goals, but that’s another post. This year I’m keeping it to three. Everything else is a bonus.

Goal 1 | Publish The Bet

2018 was not a good year for me (for lots of reasons I won’t bore you with). I got very behind on my writing and kind of lost my momentum. Suffice to say, I am well on the way to finishing the first draft of The Bet. It’s taken a lot of reading to get this right, and I have been trying to expand on what I learned from the release of Charon Unguarded. I need to hurry up with that as my previous betas are badgering me for the next book. Always a good sign. I’m hoping to have this ready for publishing in August this year.


Goal 2 | Make a start on Charon Unfinished

It’s in outline. I promise. I plan to get the first chapter ready to use as a teaser in The Bet.


Goal 3 | Develop a better writing/blogging habit

Blogging is something else I fell down on last year. I read a lot of blogs, but actually generating my own content was not something I managed much of. I will try to post here on a weekly basis this year. This will involve spending a lot less time on Twitter. Really. Confession time: I have been on there a lot in the last few weeks, trying to increase my platform (which I apparently need) not to mention playing a LOT of DnD. There is no such thing as a short DnD game even if you are like me, and either get arrested for something stupid or die (because you’re a magic user and have run straight into the gaping jaws of an owlbear or something).

I have also been very busy with my editing business. I started in 2016 (before I wrote Charon Unguarded) and it’s something I love doing, and last year it really started to take off. However, I need to set aside at least one day of writing a week, where I just do writing. Not promo, not paperwork, but ACTUAL writing. No excuses. I’m going to make Wednesdays my author blogging day, and Mondays my writing day. If you see me on Twitter or Facebook on a Monday, It will only because I have written at least 1500 words that day. Honest…

I promise to actually do the work.