Charon Unguarded

The paperback version of the new edition of Charon Unguarded has been uploaded and a proof copy is on it’s way to me as we speak!

I can only apologise for the delay in the expected release. Formatting issues arose that took longer to fix than anticipated. That said. It’s all fixed now and once I have approved the proof we can set too on producing the hardback and large print versions.

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The Bet

The Bet, the prequel to Charon Unguarded, is now with my editor at Bolide Publishing and is scheduled for release in July this year. I got some very helpful feedback from my early readers which helped me to fix some minor issues, and some that was not so helpful (can’t please everyone), but I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who took the time to read it and come back to me with advice. It was greatly appreciated.

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