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18 Days to Go!

The ARCs for the Bet will be out at some point today, and the Kindle edition is due to go out on the 29th. Reader reviews will be going on Goodreads over the next couple of weeks.

Nearly there!

Charon Unguarded The paperback version of the new edition of Charon Unguarded has been uploaded and a proof copy is on it's way to me as we speak! I can only apologise for the delay in the expected release. Formatting issues arose that took longer to fix than...

ARC Etiquette

This post is primarily aimed at readers who are considering becoming an advanced/beta reader for an author or publisher, Experienced readers and Booktubers will already know this stuff. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of hard and fast rules that...

The Bet

Dionysus and Hermes’ ill-fated late-night swim ends in a drunken bet that puts everybody’s future in jeopardy. The outcome hangs on the choices made by one mortal emperor. Charon discovers a sense of independence and, caught in the fallout, attempts to limit the damage. But when the Fae Courts intervene, and Zeus finds his power threatened by a representation from middle management, Yahweh takes advantage of his old adversary’s lack of attention.

Will Hermes and Dionysus make good on any of their promises? Will Zeus finally take his children in hand and stop them before they cost him everything? Most importantly, will anybody stick to the rules of the bet, without trying to twist them to their advantage?

The Bet


Charon Unguarded

‘My friend, if the story is written against you, what you need to do is—’
‘Change the story?’
‘I was thinking more like hunt down the author and gut him in front of his family, but your plan works too.’

Charon was once the Ferryman of the Underworld. Now he’s the doorman of a disused office block. If only the old Gods hadn’t lost that drunken bet all those centuries ago, things would be very different. For a start, Ragnarök probably wouldn’t be on its way.

Ra is looking for a way of escaping the mortal realm, but there’s something about his plans he isn’t telling everyone.

Maybe Charon is the only one who’s noticed. He certainly seems to be the only one who cares. But can he do anything about it? It looks like he’s going to try. But there are others who might profit from the situation, and the last thing he wants is the Fae Courts breathing down his neck.