Charon Unguarded | Second Edition

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Charon was once the Ferryman of the Underworld. Now he’s the doorman of a disused office block. If only the old Gods hadn’t lost that drunken bet all those centuries ago, things would be very different. For a start, Ragnarök probably wouldn’t be on its way.

Ra is looking for a way of escaping the mortal realm, but there’s something about his plans he isn’t telling everyone.

Maybe Charon is the only one who’s noticed. He certainly seems to be the only one who cares. But can he do anything about it? It looks like he’s going to try. But there are others who might profit from the situation, and the last thing he wants is the Fae Courts breathing down his neck.


Book 1 of the Ferryman Saga


Published on Kindle 13th November 2018

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